Salish Sea Tour Company Logo

Once our friends Cole and Stephanie Sisson established their darling shop Doe Bay Wine Company on Orcas, they turned their attention to finding a way to share their intimate knowledge of the island with the rest of us. After some brainstorming, they established the Salish Sea Tour Company, with a mission to deliver authentic eating, drinking and exploring experiences while also give back to the community that they call home (isn’t that fabulous?!). Of course, as soon as they had the name they knew they’d need a logo to represent…and we are thrilled to say that they liked the Doe Bay Wine Company logo we designed for them so much that they came back for another round of the ol’ creative process for this project! We developed this friendly little mermaid-colored creature softly nestled in a wave from the Salish Sea and rounded it off with an approachable, sans-serif font for visual stability and balance. Happily ever after all wrapped up in a lovely little package, if we do say so ourselves.