Welcome to Darlin Gray World Wide!

We’re a Seattle-based design firm with a knack for building legacy brands through bespoke design, concise content development, inspired creative strategy and lean, smart problem solving.

Need something from the ground up? Does your existing brand need a little zhuzhing/facelift? Or are you missing a key piece in your marketing efforts? We can help!

For longtime fans of our work, a side note on the dots…you didn’t think we’d get rid of those charming little dots completely, did you? They represent the bubbly nature of our founder and underscore our ability to juggle the myriad projects we do for you…sometimes all at the same time. We’re so very fond of them (the dots AND the projects too)!

And a little info on our principal and creative director, Darlin Gray, who brings a BA in Fine Arts and 20+ years of design and project management experience to every project we undertake.  She has the fine hand skills of a craftsperson, the nerdy techiness of a computer geek, the mind of an expert strategist, the color sense of a master painter, the charm and presentation skills of a consummate hostess, the steeliness of a CEO, the exacting eye of a draftsperson and the heart and soul of a fine artist.

Over her career, she has worked on global accounts like Microsoft, Ghirardelli and Tableau Software; local powerhouses like Charlie’s Produce, The Space Needle and Darigold; and up and comers like Claxon and MCW Events. In addition to penning articles for a national online food site, Darlin is a fan of all things food, wine and booze and does some of her best development work in those categories.

Sounds good, right? You should definitely give us a call!